some astro data collection

milkyways dia – 100,000 light years
Earth’s width – 8,000 miles 8/100 inch
Sun’s width – 800,000 miles 8 inches
Jupiters width – 88 856.0805 miles
Next nearest star – proxima centuari – distance – 4.something light years
Oldest planet in Solarsystem – nothing is really very older than other. almost all formed around 4.3-4.7 billion years.
Sun’s life – 10 billion (already around 5 is over)
Earth – Sun distance – 147 million km (91 million miles).

diameter of Sun 1,400,000
distance from Sun to Mercury 58,000,000
diameter of Mercury 5,000
distance from orbit of Merury to Venus 50,000,000
diameter of Venus 12,000
distance from orbit of Venus to Earth 41,000,000
diameter of Earth 13,000
distance from orbit of Earth to Mars 78,000,000
diameter of Mars 7,000
distance from orbit of Mars to Jupiter 550,000,000
diameter of Jupiter 143,000
distance from orbit of Jupiter to Saturn 649,000,000
diameter of Saturn 120,00
distance from orbit of Saturn to Uranus 1,443,000,000
diameter of Uranus 51,000
distance from orbit of Uranus to Neptune 1,627,000,000
diameter of Neptune 49,000
distance from orbit of Neptune to Pluto 1,404,000,000
diameter of Pluto 2,300
total of distances 5,900,000,000

distance from Earth to Moon 384,000
diameter of Moon 3,500

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