Dark energy vs Dark matter

Thanks to http://hetdex.org/dark_energy/dark_matter.php, its a very informative article

95% of universe is made up of Dark Energy(74%) + Dark matter (21%)
And remaining 5% consists of other known particles to human

my last reading says that Dark matter keeps the galaxy in a shape and is which helps hold the stars in a galaxy.
And now I see that Dark energy is just opposite to it and it helps the universe expand.

This image says the same thing – (source : above mentioned website)

But who will win in the end? Will all galaxy fade away soon becoz of Dark energy? if so then when?

One thought on “Dark energy vs Dark matter

  1. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are not the dark forms of ordinary matter and energy. They are not related. Dark Matter is thought to exist on different membranes to our own Universe but it affects the matter and light in our Universe via gravitational forces. Dark Energy on the other hand is some negative energy force that is causing the Universe’s expansion to accelerate (and thus violating the conservation of energy laws). Hope this clears up any misunderstandings! 😀

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