dark matter, dark energy, etc..

Did you know that unlike planets in a solar system, all stars in a galaxy rotates the galaxy’s center at same exact speed?
This is due to Dark matter says some scientists. In such case, why planets doesn’t work the same way ?!?!? Why one need to dig Kilometers under earth to prove such dark matter particle (like WIMP) then? I aint have a clue yet 😦

Scientist use type 1-A supernova’s to really see how galaxies moves – are they moving apart or they gonna collapse soon due to gravity.
The measurement is not an easy task since such supernova’s come and go in almost every galaxy. So they created a software to compare wide field images and see if any new explosion (suddenly brightening stars) – SN. And after measuring for about 5 years or so they see that its all moving apart (which means greater force more than gravity is present to move them apart) They call this the dark energy.

My question here is, solar system should be expanding too then ?

SN 1987A explosion : The first material to be ejected from the explosion traveled at an incredible 100 million km per hour, which is about a tenth of the speed of light or around 100 000 times faster than a passenger jet. Even at this breakneck speed it has taken 10 years to reach a previously existing ring of gas and dust puffed out from the dying star.

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