sleep spindles in brain

US researchers are a step closer to discovering why some people can sleep peacefully despite the noise of modern life.
A process in the brain plays a key role in blocking out sound during sleep, they say, and it appears to be more effective in certain individuals.

It may be possible to boost this effect using therapy, drugs or electronic devices, says a Harvard team.
Sleep spindles are thought to block out the effects of sound and other sensory information passing through the brain.Individuals with the highest rates of spindles on the quiet night were less likely to be woken by noises on the second and third nights, and some were not even aware their sleep had been disrupted.

“Sleep spindles certainly help to block outside noise. There are other interpretations for this study, though, as those people with fewer spindles may simply be ‘lighter sleepers’ and more likely to wake up with the noise – hence less sleep and fewer spindles.”

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