Places before and now. We still can save our lives if we act now

Mount Kilimanjaro
The peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in east Africa as seen from an aircraft in 1992 (left) and 2005 (right). The famous ice field that is just three degrees south of the equator could completely melt away in the next 20 years if the earth continues to warm at the current rate, scientists claim

Qori Kalis Glacier
Qori Kalis Glacier [an arm of the Quelccaya Ice Cap], Peru. Photo on the left taken in July 1978. Photo on the right taken on July 2004.

“The Gulf of Alaska region is 20 times smaller than the ice-covered area of Greenland, yet it contributes nearly half as much freshwater melt as Greenland and accounts for about 15 percent of present-day global sea level rise stemming from melting ice,” said Luthcke. “Considering the Gulf of Alaska makes such a disproportionate contribution, it is vital that we know more about the nature of glacial change there.”

Like wise, Himalayas is facing the biggest threat too. Unless everyone do something about it, more than 40% of world population will have (at least) water scarcity problem sooner.

We can help save fuel, electricity, food (prefer veg to help), water, paper, trees, anything that anyone can save will help solve this issue.

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