Bees dances to communicate

Bees first let other bees taste the small bit of nectar it collected from the flower.

Dancing bees talks to the bees around it by moving its body in a specific way.The direction and speed of the bee’s movement communicates location of the food to other bees

one such move is making rapid circuit of around two seconds per circuit which means food source is 200 meters away

The angle of the bee’s body when she waggles gives the direction of the food. If the bee waggles with her head pointing 90 degrees to the right, the the food source is 90 degrees to the right of the position of the overhead sun

if it dances in a straight line towards the upper part of the hive, then source of nutrients are exactly in the direction of the sun. If its in opposite direction, then it makes moves in a line pointing downward direction.

It also calculates sun’s movement (which is 1 degree every 4 minutes).

A new study used an established method for altering a honey bee’s perception of distance as she flew through a tunnel to gather food. Vertical stripes or a busy pattern on the tunnel walls can trick a bee into thinking she is traveling a greater distance, while horizontal stripes or a sparse pattern indicate a shorter distance — even though the tunnels are the exact same length. At the end of the flight, a researcher watches the honey bee dance to find out how far she thinks she flew.

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