Oxytocin comparison C-section vs natural deliver

Moms who deliver naturally may be more responsive to their newborn’s cries than women who deliver via cesarean section, a study shows. “Just because moms who deliver vaginally respond better to their infant’s cries does not mean they are better parents,” says researcher. “Other factors play a role, including the whole lifetime experience of the mother, the presence of a supportive father, as well as other socioeconomic and cultural factors.”

The six women who delivered vaginally showed more activity in certain areas of the brain linked to emotions and parenting behaviors compared to the six moms who had elective C-sections. The researchers suggest that vaginal birth stimulates the more rapid release of the “love hormone” oxytocin.

Oxytocin is released during active labor and delivery. It’s been shown to be a factor in mother-child bonding.

“High level of lactic acid in the amniotic fluid indicates that the uterus is exhausted. To stimulate this kind of labour with an oxytocin infusion would be like asking a marathon runner to run an extra 10,000 metres after he or she has passed the finish line.”

I think this is still in testing phase and Sweden doctors are on it.

Source : bbc news

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