GreenLand Glacier’s needs little help

Greenland is about 10% of the worlds total Ice mass. One of the biggest glacier there is Jakobshavn.
Jakobshavn’s ice glaciers is melting in an enormous rate and it moves about 40 meters a day into the sea. If GreenLand’s ice melts down completely, it would raise sea level by 7 meters which would sink places like London completely, Florida to a much extent and even northern Europe will not have a sign of its existence once it happen.

A moulin or glacier mill is a narrow, tubular chute, hole or crevasse through which water enters a glacier from the surface. The term is derived from the French word for mill. Through this maulins, the water gushes very deep and reaches the base of the glacier. There are so many maulins in GreenLand now that it is causing the whole ice glaciers to move.

Scientists have been noticing the speed of this move since ages and found that the acceleration have gone more than double the times which is no good sign for the whole planet.

To help save ourselves, we need to reduce the global warming ASAP. So everyone please start thinking on the ways to reduce the pollution we do to this amazing planet earth.

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