Cobra Asana

How to :
Breath In and lift your upper body upwards looking upwards stretching your back as much you can. Remember your lower abdominal region and groin area is touching the floor. Hold your breath in and stay in this position as long as you can. But initially stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and increase it up to 30 to 45 seconds if you can. Now when you cant hold your breath any more slowly come down to position three releasing your breath. Then come back in position one and rest for 10-20 seconds.

Benefits:This Asana and bow has almost the same benefits. But the good thing in this Asana is that it is that this asana improves the mans sexual power. It really helps the males suffering from impotence and other such disorders. It increases the flexibility of the spine in a normal way which is thought to be very useful in keeping you young. This Asana is also good to keep away laziness of mind and body, thus keeping you active.

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