Something about stress

stress gives less connectivity in brain – especially in memory region
stress leads to more fat in abdomen area – obesity can leads to diabetes, etc.
stress reduces immunity – so increase in stomach bacteria and also less recovery of stomach walls damaged cells – causes ulcer
stress is higher in a org when the person is in low ranking (atleast felt that he/she is)comparing the higher ranking person
stress – shows less pleasure region in brain – decreased dopomine between neurons in brain.
multi tasking leads to more stress
stress in mom could change the nervous system of child in fetus and this could make the child being stressed who will have all above symptoms even after 6 decades

stress can damage the ends of chromosomes – chronic stress – telemiours

not being agressive and not showing your face just becoz of your problems and also giving more than expecting anything can change your stress pattern and can save your life. So try to ignore about your small status and think about life outside your world and help others.

One thought on “Something about stress

  1. Stress causes the body to release certain chemicals. Cortisol and adrenaline, which are normally issued in extreme situations.

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