My learnings from few geeks


Attended sessions:
Jun 12:
Keynote : New york times – CTO Rajiv Pant – api, nodejs, open source

1. Lesson from building and scaling in Linkedin – Jay kreps
– yahoo design, one DB one table
– monolith to SOA
– expresso – (will be open sourced) DB built by Linkedin
– Kafka
– writing new API for every new thing is a mistake- understand the granularity of the API first and then refactor it if make sense than writing a new one
– when you have to explain history of a system to explain current state of a system, then some primary thing is wrong in the system.
– Dont pass serialized java objects over http
– multiple data services wont help – example – writing profileserv which contacts profiledataserv
– selenium –

2. Architecture unconference
1. graph database
2. monitoring – appdynamics
3. jvm tweaks – google – “high frequency trading in java” – heaptrasher
Java GC tuning for High Frequency Trading apps
GC-Less, sqlfire, lockless, off heap memory

3. E pluribus Unum : A survey of multi paradigm programming – Paul Snively
– OPA framework containing NodeJS, MongoDB and JS
– Ur/Web language
– SLICK – framework in scala – Slick
– OCAML – OPAM – cross compiler
– Functional reactive programming – Flapjax
– Delimited continuation

4. A continous delivery Maturity Model – Eric Minick

5. Facebook Messages : backup and replication : system on HBase – Nicolas Spiegelberg

6. Decomposing Twitter : Adventures in SOA : Jeremy Cloud

– Finagle – rpc for async and to maintain concurrency between java servers.  (like atlas)
– Thrift – like Payments 2 has TDL – thrift definition language.
– Redis – Introduction to Redis  – like a cache – Key value store.
– Zookeeper curator
flockdb – twitters DB – opensourced
Key note : First, kill all the product owners – read Daniel H.Pink’s “Drive” book

Keynote :Surviving in a Feudal Security World – Bruce Schneier
1. How Netflix Leverages (“the cloud” + the Netflix Platform) for Rapid Development and Easy Operations
Jeremy Edberg

2. Java Unconference

3. Deep Dive into G1 Garbage Collector  – Charlie Hunt and Monica Beckwith
Getting Started with the G1 Garbage Collector

4. Bringing Java to On-Device iOS & Android Apps  – Frédéric Desbiens
5. Lean Engineering: Applying lean startup principles at Paypal – Bill Scott
Keynote : Ted Codd was not a Developer, or a Universal Theory for Big Data – Erik Meijer
1. High performance CPU/GPU clusters – Increasing throughput and decreasing latency by leveraging mechanical sympathy
 – Clive Saha

2. Financial Services Unconference – Amr Elsamadisy

3. Building Modern Web Sites : A Story of Scalability and
Availability – Sid Anand (linked-in, who worked in eBay also)

4. A little graph theory for the busy developer – Jim Webber

5. The past, present, and future of web apps – Erik Bryn &
Facilitating High Availability Via Systematic Capacity Planning – Arun Kejariwal  & Bryce Yan

6.  The Art of Information Refinery at Cue
Daniel Gross
– lucene as database
– interesting – execute “curl -L
– @Danicgross
Tornado Web Server – Tornado 3.1 documentation
– Since lucene, Cue company wrote lotta code in Java
– Crash-only software

Trello – todo list


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