Parambikulam tunnel

It is nearly a 6 KMs ride and we started moving ahead to see the tunnel in a jeep. It started to drizzle by that time. We kept on looking for bigger animals but none found till some time in the jungle.

At the end of the 6KMs ride, the dense forest road ends up in a place where we saw a big lake at one side, a bamboo forest adjacent to it and a tunnel at the east and fog covering up a mountain at the north. Mob of deer started staring at us as we were getting out of the jeep one by one. They were so ready to run and hide from us but later on they found that we are of no harm to them, so they just started gazing and moving around with one eye upon us.

This is one of the scenic place I have ever been to. It was pouring rain that moment and my friends and I were trying not to make much noise which would scare the animals. This place was so beautiful that we didnt want to leave at all even in that pouring rain.

This place was near a tunnel that goes under a mountain which connects two lakes or such water bodies. And I suppose they were built atleast 60 years before.

I regret that I didnt take a group picture with all my friends here in this place though i just clicked pictures of them individually.

If I get a chance to go there again, I would stay there for half a day atleast, just to sit and watch the big lake and the mountain slope and the fog that is covering up the whole forest.

In the right bottom corner of the picture, one can notice few deers gazing.