Sep 17 2013 reading

Becoz of nearby planets/stars, a dying star becomes a nebula easily. Stars takes only decades to form nebulae

human touch is nano scale level.

human creativity depends on neural network

earth core is solid iron core and is rotating very fast, outercore is liquid and is slow rotating. sometimes inner core is eastwardly or westwardly rotating – controlled by magnetic waves.

wide faced men are aggressive. Due to this, narrow faced men act selfishly.

kids needs fish, soya oil., walnut, spinach, brussel sprouts – omega fatty acid 3 for better reading.  Eat at least thrice a week

Large plankton carry CO2 to ocean floor but not the small planktons.. Cold ocean places absorb more CO2. Tropical places gets more acidity in ocean since less cO2 absorbtion. The increasing acidity is known to affect some calcifying organisms in the Arctic, including certain sea snails, mussels and other molluscs. But scientists did not know until now how ocean acidification alters both the base of the marine food web and carbon transport in the ocean.

Wounding and rubbing exemplify how plants can react to a situation that in principle could cause them to become more vulnerable. Instead, they react to touch by deploying a carefully-orchestrated defence response, an evolutionary skill that that presumably boosts survival.

It turns out we really do like the sound of our own voice. We just may not realize it.

Studying globular clusters is critical to understanding the early, intense star-forming episodes that marked galaxy formation. The Hubble observations also confirm that these compact stellar groupings can be used as reliable tracers of the amount of dark matter locked away in immense galaxy clusters.Globular clusters, dense bunches of hundreds of thousands of stars, are the homesteaders of galaxies, containing some of the oldest surviving stars in the universe. Almost 95 percent of globular cluster formation occurred within the first 1 billion or 2 billion years after our universe was born in the big bang 13.8 billion years ago.

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