todays facts 23/08

In planet Uranus, sun appears 300 times smaller than it appears from Earth

Pet mantis shrimp are so tough they can even break through the double glass walls of an aquarium.
When they strike at a prey item or a rival, these appendages are thrown forward with incredible speed. In some species the striking movement takes only 4 to 8 milliseconds, while the appendage moves at a velocity of 390 inches per second! This makes it one of the fastest animal movements known to science!

Mercury has very very long days. Each day on Mercury lasts as long as 58 days, 15 hours on Earth. This is quite a feat, considering a whole year on Mercury is only 88 days.

Speed that one would travel when jumping from an airplane before opening the chute – 120MPH
Since due to friction, one will not accelerate more than that. But if there is less air, then will the speed increases? yeah, right. Joseph Kittinger jumped at 102,000 feet and he reached till 632 MPH (almost the speed of sound) in 1955.

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